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Customizing Culture is a podcast designed for individuals and businesses in the customization and heat transfer industry. Join us as we delve into the world of custom apparel, accessories, and products. Our conversational format allows us to bring together experts and enthusiasts from different backgrounds to share their experiences, knowledge, and insights on the latest trends, techniques, and tools in the industry.

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Building Business With Big Brandoh

Jared sits down with longtime HeatPressNation customer and affiliate, Big Brandoh, discussing about his humble beginnings in the apparel industry and YouTube, supporting his following rather than big players, and maintaining work-life balance as a family man.

Planting The Seeds Of Success With Izy Clark

Izy Clark of The Funnel Cake Tree stops by HeatPressNation, discussing with Jared about her family's story in her perspective, trials and victories in art education, what inspired her to run her blooming business as a social media-minded artist and more.

Riding Onto Printing With Lee Stuart

Lee Stuart sits down with Jared to discuss his hard journey of once being a competitive motocross rider, into a professional screen printer that's succeeding with his Rogue Lab business. Along the way, he also covers his ultimate secret to running a rapidly growing business and future prospects.

See What Listeners Are Saying:

"I love hearing people start up stories. I think you guys are onto something here with opening the community up to these type of podcast. You guys have started off with some real big hitters. Please keep this going this is definitely going to open up more people to the community."


"Thank you, thank you!! You guys have provided so much perspective for me and my business. A lot of things you guys are discussing are things I have experienced and makes me feel like I'm ok!!!


"'Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.' Boom! Loved this interview, what an inspiration!"


"Wow!!wow!!! I felt like this...was directed to me. I haven't called business because I didn't think I was big enough to do that! We definitely need to hear more from her!! Thank you!"


"Wow thank you so much for this! This is exactly what I’ve been saying but feel people don’t understand my product. Started 12 years ago on off and now this is my main income! From sub to vinyl to white toner! Not I finally have an amazing system i560 and I650 and 4 presses. Currently using 3 rooms. Now I know it’s do-able!!"


"'Transparent, Truthful, Helpful, Informational, Inspirational, and a Gem for the industry."



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