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Status Meanings

Processing: You order is being worked on and will ship soon! Please allow for 1 to 2 business days for fulfillment of order.

Awaiting Address Verification: You placed an order with different shipping and billing addresses. Usually, your order is cleared automatically within 1 business day. If we cannot get it cleared, someone will contact you to verify your billing information.

AAV Cleared: Same as the Processing status. You order has been cleared either automatically or by a team member. Your order is being worked on and will ship within 1 to 2 business days.

Complete: Your order has shipped! If you see no activity in the tracking number, that is because it is waiting to be picked up. Pickups occur weekdays by 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

Please Note: Tracking is available only after an order has shipped. Packages shipping via freight may have accessible tracking information for up to 48 hours after you receive the tracking number. Some items require special shipping arrangements and may not be trackable.
Order Status: To view the full details of your order as well as obtain tracking information, please login. By logging in, you will have access to order history and latest updates to the statues of your order. if you did not provide an email or create an account at the time of your order, please call 1-800-215-0894 or Email Us.
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