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Transforming Substrates with Multi-Trans Pro: A Quick and Easy Guide

We'll be using the fantastic Multi-Trans Pro to work wonders on two different substrates: a book cover and a wooden board. Get ready to be amazed at how efficient and quick it is to apply multiple designs on these substrates with outstanding results!

The Book Cover

Let's kick things off with the book cover. I'll be transferring a beautiful image of a baby onto the wooden board. Before we start, keep in mind that each substrate requires different pre-pressed times, so we'll do them individually. Trust me; the results will be worth it!

First, we'll press the book cover. After a 20-second pre-press time, we'll apply the graphic to the book and then do a 30 to 35-second post-press. The beauty of Multi-Trans Pro is that it allows you to experiment with various designs on one garment or substrate effortlessly. And the best part? You can remove them super quickly while maintaining excellent quality and fine details.

Once we release the book cover from the heat press, we'll have a couple of motivationals, 'good morning' messages, and even a touch of humor about alcohol placed on the notepad. It's incredible how diverse Multi-Trans Pro is—it works like magic on different materials, from wood to cardstock, glass, aluminum, metal, cork, and so much more. Personally, I adore using it on wood and cardstock due to its ease of use and quick pressing times.

And let me tell you, the process is incredibly quick and straightforward. Once the parchment paper comes off the heat press, you can immediately peel off the images. Keep in mind to leave a small part of the transfer overlapping for easy removal. When you run your hand over the finished product, it feels like the graphics were always there, seamlessly integrated into the book cover. With just a 20-second pre-press and 35-second post-press, you'll get stunning graphics in no time at all!

The Wooden Board

Now, onto our next project—the wooden board. This lovely piece can be used as an accent in various places, like near a door or in a hallway. We'll be imprinting an adorable graphic of baby feet onto it, creating a memorable keepsake with Multi-Trans Pro.

For wooden boards, we'll need a 20 to 25-second pre-press time to heat up the surface properly. Remember to apply medium pressure throughout the process. If you encounter any sticking issues during the transfer, don't worry! Check the big three: time, temperature, and pressure. Slightly adjusting any of these factors can make a big difference in the outcome.

Align the graphic perfectly on the wooden board, and once it's set, we'll go for a 30 to 35-second post-press, ensuring the image embeds beautifully into the surface. As always, Multi-Trans Pro delivers with its immediate release feature—no waiting around!

When the wooden board emerges from the heat press, you'll witness a masterpiece—a full-color graphic with incredible detail, and all this was achieved with minimal effort and time.

Where to Get Multi-Trans Pro

Excited to try out Multi-Trans Pro for your own creative projects? You're in luck! We now stock this fantastic one-step paper system that works wonders on various substrates. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just getting started, Multi-Trans Pro will make your designs shine with finesse.

Happy crafting, everyone! See you soon!

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Does the substrate you are transferring on require a poly surface? It wasn’t indicated in the video. If it doesn’t – you should include in video as it’s a great selling point.

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