Heat Press Buyer's Guide

Know what to look for when purchasing a heat press to meet your production needs. By the end of this guide you'll be a heat pres expert!

What is the Best Heat Press Machine?

So you want to start a t-shirt or decoration business? Or needing an upgrade to your current equipment? Perfect, you came to the right spot! We know investing in equipment is exciting and can be a bit scary but no worries - we're here for you. Every successful t-shirt or decoration business consists of two things: aspiration and the best heat press machine for you. We supply plenty of choices of equipment such as: (Swing-away (Best for sublimation), Mug press, Multifunction (For the all-around user), and Cap/Label heat press machines)). We stand by our selection of heat presses. Ensuring they provide ease of use no matter the task for any skill level user. Whether using sublimation, heat transfer vinyl or direct-to-film transfers our heat presses get the job done right. Seems like a lot? That's okay, our MyExpert support teams commit to providing the best education and service in the industry. With hundreds of tutorial videos, an exclusive community page, and also fantastic support teams - we make shopping easy.

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