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There is no shortage of printers in the market. A standard buyer tends to use the maximum number of deals and the applicable options to purchase the cheapest printer money can buy. The hunt for the most economically priced printer throws away other buying considerations. It is wrong to assume that competition has forced even the cheapest printer to generate good quality prints. Compounding this perception error is the "look" of the printers. They are aesthetically pleasing and smart to look at, thereby swaying the buying decision. People often end by buying a printer which does nothing for their requirements. It is vital to know that making a wrong printer selection will introduce horrific expensive costs over its lifetime. Function and not style must influence the buying decision.

Printers and their relation with cartridges 

Cheaply priced printers invariably use expensive cartridges. These will bleed you economically in the longer period of time. These cheap printers are so cheap that they appear to be a "steal." These machines advertise an "all-in-one" capacity, doing scanning, print, and copy in a single unit. To enrich their buying possibilities, manufacturers even make them wireless. The outward appearance is slick. The pain comes from the cost of the cartridges. The starting is innocuous enough. The printer comes with a partially filled cartridge which lasts enough to make a customer happy for the first few days. Then the ink ends in the cartridge and the pain begins. 

The replacement cartridge could be outrageously expensive. Its price could be higher than the machine itself. Sometimes it's better to purchase a new machine than the cartridge itself. If you do not want to buy pricey inks, then there are cheaper alternatives. These, however, could end up damaging the machine. 

Printer must fit needs 

Printers provide a number of features and functions. First, decide on whether you should buy a laser printer or an inkjet one. The latter is the cheaper one and you could print decent looking photos. It is possible to scan, fax, and print from the same machine. Many needs multiple ink cartridges for color printing. Laser printers, on the other hand, are regarded as the workhorse of the desktop printing industry. The most popular laser printers are the monochrome ones, printing only with black ink. Laser printers make a better choice for office use. The print is made using toner cartridges. A toner cartridge costs more than an inkjet cartridge but makes up for it in the longer term. 

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Hi! I am starting my business and I bought the canon selphy 1300 printer and cricut easy press 2, I am having trouble when it comes to transferring the image on the phone case aluminum plate because it ends up looking pale and unfinished. What could be my mistake?

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