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How To Add Your Logo On A Tall Sublimation Tumbler

How To Add Your Logo On A Tall Sublimation Tumbler


Whether you’re looking to keep your beverage hot or cold on the go, a tall tumbler — also known as a skinny tumbler  — is a fine choice that’s only been growing in popularity. As a unique alternative to travel mugs, especially if you can customize it with vibrant imagery all around it, it’s no wonder why tall sublimation tumblers have been attention grabbing. Previously we’ve shown how you can apply a full bleed transfer onto a tall sublimation tumbler using a dedicated oven and an oven wrap.

But what if you don’t have access to such tools, but would still like to customize tall sublimation tumblers to a degree? Fortunately if you own the right mug press, like this HPN Signature Series model, you’ll be able to apply a logo that can still stand tall with the tumbler when applied. And while we’ll be demonstrating how to do this with a logo, you should be able to follow these simple steps with your standalone graphic or image.

First, create a new project file on your photo editing or graphic design software with the size of your sublimation printer’s paper. Then import and scale down your graphic to about 4-and-three-quarter inches or below in height. With the default, 5-and-one-fourth inch tall heating element of the Signature Series mug press, we won’t be able to apply a transfer covering the full tumbler. Though you’ll still be able to create a near full width transfer, as long as you keep the machine’s unheated handle space in mind.

Now what if you’d like to apply two graphics on perfectly opposite sides of the tumbler? By creating a rectangle with a length of 4-point-52 inches and moving it to the center, you can place each graphic on the center of its left and right edges. Hide the rectangle once you’re finished, and you’ll be ready to apply the graphics on opposite sides of the tumbler! If you’d like to learn more about the logic behind this placement method, be sure to check out our MyExpert webinar on how to create sublimation templates on Photoshop.

But as soon as your graphic is ready to go, you may print it through your sublimation printer. For Sawgrass printers, send it to Sawgrass Print Manager and use these settings: Substrate set to Metal, Paper set to your paper’s profile, leave the Mirror option checked, and change the Color Mode in the Color tab to Photographic or Vivid, depending on the detail of your graphic. Once ready, go ahead and click the Print button. With the transfer printed, trim around the image’s edges, then wrap and attach your transfer to the tumbler using heat tape.

Before turning on your mug press, be sure to unmount the plastic cover off the tumbler and adjust your machine to medium pressure. For the Signature Series mug press, you can simply fasten the front knobs all the way in, then adjust the back knobs accordingly as you test press the tumbler. In terms of how pressure should feel, you should feel some slight resistance when closing your machine, though it shouldn’t be difficult to close or open. This quad point pressure system of the Signature Series mug press will help ensure that the heating element can fully apply your transfer with consistent pressure.

Once you’ve found medium pressure, take the tumbler out and turn on your machine, setting it to 15 to 30 seconds at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of time to press will depend on the detail of your printed transfer; you can just take 15 seconds for a simple logo, or as far as 30 seconds for a colorful graphic. But as soon as your mug press reaches temperature, slide your tumbler back inside the heating element, making sure that the transfer is making contact with it and not sticking out. Once settled, go ahead and press your tumbler.

Once the time reaches zero, open your machine and take the tumbler out with heat resistant gloves, placing it somewhere to cool down for a moment. Once cooled, peel the transfer off the tumbler and your graphic has now been applied onto the tumbler! To learn more about sublimation tumblers, the Signature Series mug press and more, please visit our website at HeatPressNation.com. For any questions, be sure to get touch with one of our MyExpert representatives at support.heatpressnation.com. Once again, I’m Jared with Heat Press Nation and thanks for watching!

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