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Frame selection means more than choosing a material and color. You must assess the picture and think how a frame can make it more attractive. The frame protects the picture from environmental damage and degradation. It is also important to know how the photo will be displayed. Will it be hung or placed inside a home or in an office? It is important that you visit the place where the frame will be hung.

  • Be aware of the time the picture was drawn or the photo was taken - This is useful. If it was framed before, which frame design was used? If possible, observe the frames of pictures of the same size and similar themes. You could be surprised at the range of options people have used for framing.
  • If possible, use the old frame - Some pictures are best kept in their original frames. These can be for aesthetic and historical reasons as well. You can see such kind of frames adorning old photos. If you do buy a new frame, try to keep the new version as near to the old as possible. Of course, there is no harm in upgrading the design, but it must match the photo it is protecting. Both the picture and the frame should be in harmony.
  • Other than frames, the artwork location is also important - An ideal location for hanging or placing a framed picture or photo is in a climate-controlled environment. This is impossible to achieve in normal homes. However, do take care that the wall from which the picture with the frame hangs is not a damp one or its outward surface peeling away.
  • Frames can be used to make an artificial environment - In case the picture or photo gets displayed in hostile conditions, like a place where external environment rushes in, then it is feasible to create a small microclimate. The enclosure will permit the maintenance of the right environment, independent of external factors. If you do this, prepare the painting or the photograph first. Clean it first and use better quality frames. Your objective is to maintain humidity and create a favorable microclimate for the painting or photo.
  • Glazing is important - Glazing protects the painting or photo from the harmful effects of UV rays. Color fades due to the onslaught of UV light. Select a non-reflective material that will not interfere with work surface when displayed.
  • Keep these points in mind the next time you select a picture frame. Picture frames can really make a difference!

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Greta James

Greta James

I have a photograph of my grandmother that I would like to display in my home. I need to update the frame so it doesn’t clash with my décor. Thank you for the advice to consider when the photograph was taken. You are right, I don’t want the frame to clash with the photograph, either. It would be smart to discuss my options with a professional so I can get the best frame for my needs. https://clareframe.com/framing/

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