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How To Create A Luminescent Bottle With Siser EasyPSV Glow

How To Create A Luminescent Bottle With Siser EasyPSV Glow


To help make any solid item visible in the night or a dark room, it’s definitely worth using special glowing adhesive vinyl like Siser EasyPSV Glow. Similar to their EasyWeed Glow heat transfer vinyl, this material illuminates after being charged by light exposure. As you charge it during the day, or leave it near a light after enough time, EasyPSV Glow will continue to shine as you head into the dark. But instead of being limited to fabrics like in clothing and flags, you’ll be able to bring this adhesive vinyl to plenty of solid items like home decor, notebooks, storage crates, and as we’ll be demonstrating in this video, water bottles!

To begin, you’ll need to determine how big you’d like your cut design to be on your bottle. You can first measure how much of it you’d like to cover by using tape measure. Though if you’re able to find the bottle’s height and diameter online, you can alternatively reference these when finding the best size for coverage. For instance, this 20 ounce aluminum bottle is listed with a 7" height and 2-9/10" diameter. As we’ll be cutting a simple portrait design for this demonstration, we can create it at the bounds of 2-and-three-quarter by 6.5". For any square-fitted logos or designs, it’s best to measure them within the diameter if you’d like to have it fully visible on one side.

Once you’ve prepared your design to cut, draw a weed box around it, or if it’s available, enable your cutting software’s weed box feature as you send it to your machine. As we’ll be demonstrating EasyPSV Glow being cut through a Silhouette Cameo Plus, we’ll need to first draw a weed box around our graphic, make sure that our document has been set to the vinyl’s size, then go to the Send tab on Silhouette Studio. Next up is to change the following settings: Material to “Vinyl, Glossy,” the blade depth to 3, Force to 25, and Speed to 5. To find the recommended cut settings for other popular machines, be sure to visit their website at SiserNA.com.

Upon loading the vinyl to your cutter, it’s best to complete a test cut before cutting your design. This will determine if you’ll need to fine tune your cut settings accordingly. But assuming you’re all set, go ahead and click Send to cut your design. After your machine has finished cutting your design, unload the vinyl to trim and weed it out. For finer details, it might be best to weed from the inside around your cut design, rather than away from it by a corner. Though you’ll want to do this carefully so as to not lift the cut design off the backing. Next, trim out a sheet or roll of EasyPSV Application Tape to the size of your cut design and remove its carrier sheet. Then align, place, and squeegee it onto your vinyl. You can always refer to EasyPSV Application Tape’s grid lines when aligning it to both your design, and your item.

Lift the cut design off it’s carrier sheet by smoothly peeling it from behind, then it’s now ready to be applied onto a water bottle. Simply align and place it onto your item, making sure to fully wrap and squeegee it once placed. Then you may smoothly peel the application tape off by a corner, and your EasyPSV Glow design has now been applied onto your bottle!

If you happen to make a cut design stretching to the top of the bottle, you may need to individually squeegee there further so that the vinyl can stick to the bottle. Though we ultimately recommend sticking within the flat portion of the bottle to deal with the least hassle. But feel free to continue cutting and adding additional elements with EasyPSV Glow, which can allow you to create a unique bottle that’s almost fully wrapped to glow in the dark.

To learn more about Siser EasyPSV adhesive vinyl, alongside their other materials, please visit our website at HeatPressNation.com.

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