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How To Personalize A Key Hanger With Sublimation

Hey everyone, it’s Jared with Heat Press Nation and I’ll be showing you how to create a personalized holder for your keys with a Unisub sublimation key hanger. So stick around, as we’ll CUSTOMIZE THIS!

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If you’re looking for something less plain to hold your keys and other small belongings on your wall, customizing a sublimation key hanger from Unisub is definitely worth considering. Built as a robust MDF board with a white gloss finish coated for sublimation, you’ll be able to fill this key hanger with a fun and vibrant design that can suit yours, or another’s style at home! Unisub key hangers come included with 4 brass hooks to hold 4 keys total, and are readily mountable to a wall. These are not only great personal items for your home, but can be the perfect housewarming gift for friends and family.

First, prepare your transfer by scaling down any image or graphic elements to the size of the key hanger’s imprint area. By using Unisub’s template for this item available at HeatPressNation-dot-com, you can take advantage of its layers to make preparation much easier. By importing it into graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, you can use it’s bleed layer as the clipping mask to import your background and other elements onto. Then by setting the imprint, safety, and no print layers to 50-perfect opacity, you can refer to them as you scale your transfer’s elements accordingly.

Once you’ve finished preparing your transfer to print, you may hide the imprint, safety, and no print layers and send it to your sublimation printer. Due to the wide nature of these items, you will need to use paper sized at 8-and-a-half by 14 inches or higher to print the transfer’s full width. Assuming you’ve already set up a Sawgrass printer for this, make sure you’ve set your software’s paper settings to Legal or 8-and-a-half by 14 inches, then send it to Sawgrass Print Manager. We recommend using these settings on SPM: Substrate set to MDF Board, Paper set to your paper’s profile, leave Mirror checked, and in the Color tab, set the Color Mode to either Photographic or Vivid depending on your transfer’s level of detail. With these all set, go ahead and click the Print button. Now we’re ready to apply our design onto a blank key hanger.

For Unisub key hangers, your machine will need to be set to 80 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit with medium pressure. Before turning on your machine, you can adjust your machine’s pressure accordingly with a blank key hanger. If your heat press has a removable silicone pad on the lower platen, you may need to replace it with either a spare shirt or parchment paper if you’re having trouble adjusting to medium pressure. But as soon as your machine reaches temperature, cover the lower platen with a sheet of parchment paper, then place your transfer on top. You can then bring your key hanger in, removing any protective film on it’s white layer and placing it with this side facing down on the printed transfer. You can keep it in place by attaching it to the transfer with heat tape.

With the key hanger secured to the transfer, flip it with the paper side up, then cover it with another sheet of parchment paper and press. After 80 seconds, open your machine and allow the transfer to cool down for a moment. Once cooled, you may quickly peel the transfer off the key hanger and it’s now been sublimated with your design! Next up is to mount the brass hooks onto it’s lower half, then your key hanger is now complete to be mounted on a wall!

To learn more about Unisub key hangers and their other sublimation blanks, you can visit our website at HeatPressNation-dot-com. For any questions, feel free to get in touch with a MyExpert representative at support-dot-heatpressnation-dot-com. Once again, I’m Jared with Heat Press Nation and thanks for watching!

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