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The printing business, in most case is a very specialized industry, which serves a niche audience. While the demand for printing is on the increase, most T-shirt and promotional products printing businesses operate on high short run monetary costs. They cannot take advantage of the economies of scales in mass production businesses.

The only way to enhance profits is by decreasing your overhead costs. Wondering how you are going to do that? It’s no rocket science! The simple solution is switching to a Heat Press Transfer Machine. How and why? Let’s take a closer look.

How Using a Heat Press Can Positively Impact Your Heat Transfer Printing Business

If you’re using screen printing, you are fully aware of the high cost associated with it. The level of quality and detail provided in heat transfers are much higher. The only expense that you may incur is the initial cost of purchasing the heat press. After that, you can reap the benefits of lower per head costs. Furthermore, heat presses have less startup time and work much faster, literally having your product designed in minutes.

What You Need to Kick Start Your Heat Transfer Business!

Heat Press Machines

This is the most important piece of equipment in any heat transfer business. With the various brands available, you have the options to purchase the one that suits your individual business. The determinants could also be factors like size of your products, the capacity of your production, and the budget you have allocated.

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Heat Transfer Paper

This will transfer the digitally prepared image onto the product. Most often, our experts are asked the same questions, like “What is the best type of heat transfer paper?” or “Do I have to change my transfer paper depending on my usage of either an inkjet or laser printer?” The answer to the question is that depending on the fabric, type of printer and the kind of image you want, your heat transfer paper type will change. Read more about this on our other blogs.

Other Supplies

In addition, you will require a cutter, the software for the designing, etc

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