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Are you having paper loading issues with your Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 printer? Check out this blog and video where you'll be guided through a few steps you can take to fix common cases of paper misfeeds on Sawgrass sublimation printers.

Before We Begin...

If your Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 is having issues with loading sublimation paper, this may have happened in four ways. Either the wrong paper size has been used for the print job, a sensor or roller error has occurred inside the printer, the back cover of the printer is slightly open, or the paper itself is jamming on the print head. 

Fixing the Paper Size Error

If your job is set to print on a paper size that’s larger or smaller than the paper that’s actually loaded into your printer, it will eventually detect the size is incorrect and display a paper misfeed error on its LCD screen. To clear the error, simply press the Job Reset button on your printer. Then before sending the print job to Sawgrass Print Manager, make sure to set the right paper size and print scale for your transfer first. You should also check inside your printer’s tray to see if the paper has been loaded properly, and that its guide tabs have been adjusted to the paper’s size.

Cleaning the Printer's Paper Feed Belt & Sensor Info

If your paper size setting is correct and your printer is still unable to print due to a misfeed error, a sensor or roller bar inside your printer may be dirty and need to be cleaned. Turn off your printer and unplug it, then open its top and back covers. On the top side of the printer, use a lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the paper feed belt below the silver bar. Once cleaned, hold down the roller bar on the back of the printer by its gray tabs, rotating the feed belt to clean the rest of it. After you’ve completed cleaning the feed belt, wait 30 minutes for it to dry completely. Then turn the printer back on and try printing again. In terms of sensor errors, it's worth noting that low quality sublimation papers can be the issue, as they tend to produce more dust than materials supported by Sawgrass, like TexPrint, Jetcol DHS, and Siser EasySubli HTV.

Fixing Print Skewing & Closing the Back Cover

If your images are printing, but are showing skewing issues, you will need to ensure that the back cover of your printer is completely closed. Look at the gray tabs holding the back cover to the printer to see if they’re detached, and check if either side is sticking out. If so, simply push the back cover in and double check if it's fully attached itself. You’ll also want to make sure the guide tabs on your paper tray or bypass tray are properly set for your paper size and that the paper is loaded correctly. 

Paper Jamming Error

Lastly, if your printer is still displaying a paper misfeed error, your paper may be sticking to the print head in some form. If jamming happens on rare occasion, there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm. You can try printing again by reloading your paper and performing the procedures we’ve shown here. Though if your paper is constantly jamming, there may be a damaged part inside your printer. As a result, the paper misfeed error will continue to be displayed on your printer’s LCD screen. Note any error code shown on the printer and visit support.sawgrassink.com to get in touch with Sawgrass’s tech support team and specify the error code to them.

For any details or questions about Sawgrass printers and hardware, please visit the Contact Us/Support Page here at heatpressnation.com. You can also call our MyExpert representatives at 800-215-0894.


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