Sweaters and Jackets and Beanies....oh my!

Well, we've finally fallen into autumn....(see what we did there?) so we thought it'd be a good idea to re-visit this MyExpert training session. 

Your heat press is able to press so much more than just t-shirts. In this MyExpert Live Training Webinar, we will walk you through the steps for preparing and heat pressing some of the most popular fall and winter items.

First, you'll learn how to use light inkjet heat transfer paper to customize a heather gray hooded sweatshirt. Then we'll show you a game-changing secret on how you can use flocked HTV to customize those troublesome beanies. And lastly, we'll share the proper materials and method for customizing nylon jackets. The webinar concludes with a final note on how the size of your garments will determine the size of the heat press you'll need.

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