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Whether you are in your office or your home, having a printer around is an extremely useful tool. It helps you print important documents in a jiffy, which are vital when you don’t have time. However, there will be times when your printer will face problems. To ensure that your life is convenient, we have compiled a list of common printer problems and tips on how to fix them effectively.

Paper gets jammed

One of the most common printer problems is paper getting jammed in the machine. Instead of trying to force the paper out, you should get to the base of the problem. Remove the paper from the tray, open up the printer and take a look at its insides. If you find any small piece of paper jammed in between some parts, remove with a pair of long tweezers. 

You can also, open the access panel and check the condition of its paper feeding mechanism. Also, when paper gets old, it will start absorbing moisture. To prevent jams, make sure that you store paper properly. 

Poor print quality

If you notice that the print quality is not up to the mark (in other words, poor), due to horizontal streaks, then you have to clean the printer heads. For each type of printer, the process of cleaning the printer heads is different. Some printers come with a utility program, allowing you to clean the printer heads. 

Also, never compromise on the quality of paper as it affects the print significantly. For example, if the paper quality is poor, it may absorb large quantities of ink, making the print look distorted.

If you have a laser printer, then you should check the drum because that is the main part which affects the quality of the print. 

Spooler error

The software which stores all the prints on your hard disk or memory of the computer is known as spooler. When your computer finishes printing, it is no longer necessary for the spooler to store the prints. If you get a spooler error, then the easiest thing you can do to fix this problem is to restart your computer.   

Unable to print from smartphone/tablet

First, check if your printer is connected to the Wi-Fi and supports printing from smartphones/tablets. If you have an iOS device, then check if your printer supports AirPrint. You can also use apps such as Printer Pro and Handy Print to connect your iOS device to a printer attached to the Mac/PC. 

For Android devices, Google Cloud Print will help you print. Add the printer you want to use on Google Chrome, by heading to Menu>Settings>Advanced Settings>Manage and you are good to go.

Use these tips to fix four common printer problems!

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