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Why Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a kind of advertising medium that has only risen in popularity over time. The main aim of this technology is to support the maximum width rolls in printing. For printers, they enjoy a larger area to express their skill. Large format printing is used to print murals, banners, wallpapers, and posters. These are perfect for materials which have a dominance of graphics or visuals. The large texts and images make large format prints extremely effective advertising tools. The result is a greater impact. A bigger number of customers are usually attracted to large format printing.

Process advantage

Large format printing is known by other names like grand printing or wide-format printing. Prints are not done on individual sheets. Instead, prints are made in rolls that are fed incrementally. The printing process itself is similar to digital with the exception of being a bigger printer with nozzles. Paper stocks are fed into printer whee ink gets directly applied into the material. The printing phase is much faster-producing premium quality colors. A wide format printer has seven important components: ink supply station left rear cover for ink, heater, right rear cover for ink, waste ink bottle, roll paper, and USB station.

The printers themselves are highly efficient machines which generate high-quality results. These are water-based. The UV inks are much duller in color and resist fading. They are also excellent for outdoor use.

Wide usage

Posters are generated through large format printing. Wall decors, tradeshow displays or POP, retail graphics, and photo prints are displayed. It is possible to mount them in gator boards or semi-gloss paper dominant stock. Vinyl banners are also printed through wide format printing. These are also extremely popular when it comes to outdoor usage. They are excellent for exhibit displays and trade shows.

Large format printing is also used to generate wall stickers or graphics. These are excellent to jazz up any wall. Interior spaces can be provided a completely new perspective. The wall graphics generally get printed on the sticker papers. Such prints are resistant to fading and can be repositioned if needed. Consumers nowadays are increasingly turning towards large format printing as they want everything fast and cheap. The wide format printing method perfectly suits such requirements. These are much more affordable compared to other print techniques like screen printing. This kind of printing can be easily made and the production cost is also cheaper. Higher quality printing can be achieved from standard quality materials.

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