HeatPressNation.com is not only committed to providing you with excellent customer service and quality products, but also is committed to providing you with a safe and easy purchasing experience. This includes protecting you as a customer and us as a business from credit card fraud. Our Fraud Prevention Team is hard at work to make sure that someone is not using your credit card fraudulently and/or trying to steal your identity in purchasing our apparel decoration equipment and supplies. When an order is flagged by our team as possible fraud (specifically if a billing and the requested shipping address don't match) you may be contacted by one of our representatives.

One of the ways we can clear an order for shipment is by having you fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. We would like to get your order out to you as quickly as possible and know that an extra step may not always be convenient, but do appreciate your assistance in preventing credit card fraud from occurring.  Should one of our representatives request that you fill out a Credit Card Authorization form or if you know in advance that you'll need to fill one out, please feel free to download it from the link below. Thank you for helping us keep our business fraud-free. Additionally, once you verify the address the first time and complete an order, we will not bother you with these steps for any subsequent orders to the same address. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can call our experts at 1-800-215-0894

Download Credit Card Authorization Form

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