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DTF Station Seismo S20 Powder Station - Unboxing and Complete Startup Guide

If you've recently gotten your hands on the DTF Station Seismo S20 DTF Powder Machine, you're probably eager to get started with your direct-to-film printing adventures. In this guide, we'll walk you through the unboxing process, setting up the machine, and how to use it effectively.

Unboxing the DTF Station Seismo S20

  • Prepare your workspace: Find a sturdy table or surface large enough to accommodate the machine.
  • Remove straps and open the box: Since the machine comes in a tall box, you may need assistance to safely place it on the table.
  • Carefully remove foam end pieces: These provide protection during shipping. Keep one hand on the plexiglass cover to prevent it from falling out.
  • Attach the power supply box: Locate the power supply box included in the package and attach it to the machine as per the instructions provided.

Setting Up the Machine

  • Thread the Aviation wire: Feed the wire through a small hole on the side of the machine for easy access.
  • Mount the control box: Securely mount the control box using the provided screws, ensuring the ground wire is threaded correctly.
  • Connect the Aviation wire: Plug in the three-pronged Aviation wire, ensuring it's securely locked in place.
  • Plug in the power supply: Connect the power supply to the machine to provide it with power.

Loading Powder and Transfers

  • Attach the handle: Screw the handle into place, ensuring it's securely tightened but not overly tight.
  • Remove protective plastic: Take off any protective plastic covering from the machine, including the tray.
  • Load powder into the top powder box: Remove the lid of the powder box and evenly spread a generous amount of DTF powder across the box.
  • Load transfers: Open the machine cover and place your transfers as close to the top as possible.

Operating the Machine

  • Power on the Seismo S20: Turn on the machine using the power button.
  • Adjust settings: Gradually increase the settings to your desired level, observing the machine's vibrations.
  • Apply powder: Depress the lever to apply the powder onto your transfers. One or two hits should suffice.
  • Let it vibrate: Allow the machine to vibrate for a few moments to shake off any excess powder.
  • Turn off the machine: Once the process is complete, turn off the machine and carefully remove your transfers.

Curing and Final Steps

  • Transfer curing: Place your transfers into a curing station or heat press for curing.
  • Cure the transfer: Follow the recommended curing settings for your transfer material, ensuring proper bonding.
  • Peel and inspect: After curing, peel off the transfer and inspect for proper adhesion and quality.
  • Finalize and package: If satisfied, finalize your print, remove any parchment paper, and prepare it for packaging or use.


With your DTF Station Seismo S20 set up and ready to go, you're now equipped to create high-quality direct-to-film prints with ease. Remember to refer back to this guide if you encounter any issues or need a refresher on operating the machine. Happy printing!

For additional support or inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to the expert support team at 800-215-0894 or via email at support.heatpressnation.com.

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