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DTF Station Phoenix 16x20 Curing Station Unboxing and Startup Guide


If you’ve recently invested in a DTF curing oven like the DTF Station Phoenix Air 16x20, congratulations! In this guide, we'll walk you through the unboxing process and how to set it up, so you can start using it efficiently for your printing needs.

Unboxing Your DTF Curing Oven:

  1. Prepare Your Tools: Before diving in, ensure you have a blade or box cutter on hand. Safety first—be cautious as you remove the packaging straps.

  2. Inspect the Contents: Inside the box, you’ll find a standard packing sheet along with a final inspection certificate from the factory, ensuring everything is in working order.

  3. Check Included Items: Among the contents, you’ll find the power cable, a small Allen key, and heat-resistant gloves—essential for handling your prints safely.

  4. Carefully Remove Packaging: Take care when removing the styrofoam packaging to avoid damaging both the packaging and the curing oven. This is important in case you need to service the oven or return it for any reason.

  5. Get Assistance if Needed: While the oven isn’t excessively heavy, having an extra pair of hands can make the process smoother and reduce the risk of dropping it.

Setting Up Your DTF Curing Oven:

  1. Power Connection: Plug in the power supply, and locate the two power switches at the back of the oven. The larger switch powers the machine, while the smaller one controls the built-in air purifier.

  2. Temperature and Time Settings: Use the control panel to set the desired temperature and time for curing your prints. Press the appropriate buttons to adjust these settings according to your requirements.

  3. Using the Timer: To activate the timer, press the designated button. The timer will begin counting down and will alert you with a beep once it reaches zero.

  4. Operating the Air Purifier: The built-in air purifier has its own power switch. Only turn it on when necessary to preserve the lifespan of the filters.

Using Your DTF Curing Oven:

  1. Preparing Your Print: Once your oven is heated and ready, quickly place your DTF transfer inside.

  2. Activate the Air Purifier: Turn on the air purifier to extract any fumes generated during the curing process.

  3. Start the Timer: Press the timer button to begin the curing process. The oven will automatically shut off once the timer reaches zero.

  4. Removing Your Print: After the timer completes, open the oven and carefully remove your cured print. Ensure you wear gloves for safety.

  5. Finishing Touches: If necessary, pre-press your garment before applying the print. Follow the recommended temperature and time settings for your heat press.

  6. Peeling and Finalizing: Once pressed, wait a few seconds before peeling off the transfer paper. Admire your vibrant, high-resolution print ready to be showcased or shipped to your customer.


Setting up and using your DTF curing oven doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right precautions and understanding of the process, you’ll be producing professional-quality prints in no time. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your support team for assistance.

Now, go ahead and unleash your creativity with your new DTF curing oven!

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