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SubliCraft Frosted Glass Sublimation Mason Jar Tutorial

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Hey there, it's Jared from Heat Press Nation, and today I've got an exciting tutorial for you! We're diving into the world of sublimation to transform a SubliCraft frosted glass mason jar into a personalized masterpiece. Stick around for a step-by-step journey – we promise, it's easier than it sounds!

Before the Fun Begins

First things first, fire up your creative side and design something awesome using any graphic design software. Once you've got your masterpiece, print it out using a sublimation printer. Quick tip: check out the link in the description for a detailed guide on using Sawgrass Print Manager.

Prep and Prep Again

Now, let's get hands-on with that frosted glass mason jar. Take out the lid and the reusable plastic straw (save those turtles!). We've got options for our design transfer, and today, we're rolling with the "Great Outdoors" theme. Trim it down to size, slap on some heat tape, and let's get ready to roll!

Taping and Positioning

Taping can be a bit tricky, so I've got a pro tip for you. Tape one side down, then wrap it tight with your thumb. This ensures a snug fit and no slipping during the transfer. Once it's securely taped, position your transfer on the mason jar. Center the handle and make sure it's all lined up – you're almost there!

Into the Heat Press We Go

Time to fire up the mug press! For SubliCraft frosted mason jars, make sure you have a 10-ounce heating element installed. Check our website for the perfect attachment. Set the time to 125 seconds, the temperature to 375 degrees, and make sure your pressure is adjusted just right. Pop that jar in, center the transfer, and let the magic happen!

The Big Reveal

After the timer beeps, carefully pull out your frosted glass masterpiece. Let it cool for a bit before the grand reveal. Trust me, the wait is worth it! Your design will look a bit light, but once you fill it with liquid – especially something like milk – it'll pop and look absolutely amazing.

The Finishing Touches

Pop in your straw and lid, and voila! You've just personalized a SubliCraft frosted glass mason jar.

Thanks for hanging out with me today, and remember, it's Jared from Heat Press Nation signing off. Catch you in the next tutorial!

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