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You can use the heat transfer on to anything which is capable of enduring an extremely hot iron. It means you can print on canvas but not on synthetic material. Heat transfer will take place with the iron's highest settings. You must ensure that the fabric can actually withstand the heat. Pre-wash the project if it is something which will be washed regularly. If you do not do this, then the material can shrink a little around heat transfer material. If the material is something which will be rarely washed, like a shoulder bag, then there is nothing to be afraid about.

Heat transfer materials 

A number of heat transfer materials are available. One brand sells material which results in smooth heat transfer coming in glitter other than the usual matt or glossy. The flocked heat transfer is provided with a flocking thin coat. This makes the front fuzzy and soft. Printable heat transfer also exists for light fabrics and for dark fabrics as well. The latter permits you to print a wide variety of customizable designs. They can then be cut out. It can then be transferred to the project. 

Other kinds of heat transfer vinyl also exist. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is also available. Small packs of vinyl are sold as taster packs. In case you order, be sure to double check that your order width does not cross 12”. If you make this mistake, you will be forced to cut down prior to fitting it in the machine. This causes quite a lot of hardship for any operator. 

Flocked heat transfer vinyl 

The flocked heat transfer is the safest. It is most forgiving and can be done by any person with even zero experience. It is extremely easy to apply. It just needs a little ironing. Burning and shriveling rarely occurs. Multiple colors can be obtained if you layer multiple colors of the smooth vinyl. This can be done by applying them one after another.

Designs can be created through the application of software. Most of these software can be freely downloaded. You can use your own computer or lend a computer to create the design. Do remember that once you finalize a design, you should flip it to make a mirror image. When you do so, the image will come out the correct way. After you finish the design and flip it, it is time to cut the design. 

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