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A dull blade is your enemy. It is vital to the round corner cutter to be sharpened at all times. If you do this, your cutter can be used for a much longer period of time. To keep your print cutter in its best shape, you can do a few activities.

The cutter should not be used on metal

Your print cutter blade was manufactured to be used to cut paper. That is the reason they are colloquially known as paper blades. It is thus unwise to cut metal using a paper cutter. Not only will it not work, the abnormal activity will vastly reduce the product life span. Your cutter will turn dull quickly. The worst case scenario? The blade may break. 

A big stack is not recommended

Do not use the cutter to slice a too thick stack. These will be beyond the cutting abilities of a majority of blades. If the manufacturer recommends one inch thick paper stacks, do not attempt to cut 1.5 inches thick paper stacks. This will not work. The blade will turn dull if you try. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations in such cases. 

Waste tray must be emptied

Many people forget to empty waste trays after use. The tray must be emptied. In case it remains full of paper, the blade's working life will be shortened. It is thus an excellent idea to clean the waste tray at the end of the day, or best of all, after each job. 

Blades must be kept sharp

It is essential that the blades of the cutter must be kept sharp at all times. There are a number of ways to do it. The easiest way is to outsource the process. You simply send the blade out for sharpening. The actual deed will be done by a third company. Alternatively, you can purchase replacement blades. This will cost more or less the same amount of money you give to a third company to sharpen them. In case you opt for the second alternative, it is vital to follow the above stated rules. These rules will increase the working life of the blade.  The blades are the most important tool when it comes to print finishing operation. Following the above suggestions will not lead to a smoother finishing operation, but will also increase the margins. If you messed up, you can always buy replacement blades.

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