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At this point, you all are aware of how HeatPressNation.com aims to bring to you the latest gadgets in the heat press market, and all of it at exciting discounted rates! True to our nature, we now bring to you one of the hottest machines of the year; none other than the Geo Knight JetPress 12 Heat Press.

So, what’s in this bad boy that has singled it out from our vast variety of heat press machines? Why is it such a hot purchase, and why should you get one! Here’s why…

The Company Behind it

This heavy duty line of heat press machines is developed by the famous Geo Knight & Co, who are renowned for their top-end, high quality machinery. Whether you’re printing shirts, caps, tiles, mugs, they provide a range of manual and automatic products.

The Features: All the Bells & Whistles

As any small unit, your focus will always be getting equipment that can allow you to take cost advantages by minimizing startup time and provide economical productions. With solid steel frames, silicon pad surface and 9 by 12 inch platen, it provides a decent coverage to imprint a design.

The Heat Press also features a digital timer, a temperature control system, and adjustable pressures. The industrial style clamping imparts a high pressure of approximately hundreds of pounds in a fraction of a second.

Even though this is not ideally used for commercial settings, the Geo Knight works perfectly on transfer paper, with printings that look professional. They weigh approximately 32 lbs and are accompanied with a one year warranty.

Along with this fantastic Geo Knight Heat Press, you can successfully run your printing business. Feel free to check out our additional support supplies to enhance your printing!

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