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Innovation. Style. Glamour. What better way to get all these themes into your T-shirt design than by incorporating rhinestones. Nowadays, this specific design has taken the fashion industry by storm, with several celebrities “blinging up” their outfits.

If you’re looking to get a piece of the glittery pie, then you will want to provide your customers with a variety of t-shirt designs using rhinestones. Is it possible? HeatPressNation.com is here to provide you with the solution!

Items You Require

Your dazzling projects need a few basic equipment and supplies. Here they are:

  • Vinyl Cutter, one that can cut through 15-30 mils thickness
  • Software for design
  • Stick Flock Stencil Material
  • Weeding tools
  • Heat Transfer Press
  • Paint brush
  • Backer boards
  • Transfer tape- Hot-fix acrylic thermal
  • Rhinestones in colors and sizes of your choosing

The Bling Process

Here is the step by step process:

Design the Graphic Image

When selecting the right software, make sure you go for a specialized one, specifically designed for rhinestone patterns. For this purpose, we recommend the vector design software "WINPCSIGN 2014 Pro Design, Cutting and Rhinestone Software. Then identify the size of the stones that you are going to apply. This will help you determine the number of rhinestones that will be used in the printing.

Shape Conversion

Next, you need to convert the shapes into an engraving of the pattern with the rhinestones. Ensure that you get rid of all collisions, that is, overlapping of rhinestones on the t-shirt. This should be checked before you send it for printing

Place Stencil Film into Cutter Plotter

Now, while loading the stencil film on the cutter plotter, adjust settings that are appropriate for the process. Use a 60 degree blade, instead of the popular 45 degree, due to the thickness. But make sure you run a test before the weeding process.

Cutting & Weeding

Once the cutter processes your pattern, you will have a cut-out rhinestone design. Instead of weeding out all holes, pull the positive space up from the release liner, ultimately allowing the holes to be there on the liner.

Design the T-shirt with Rhinestones

Placing your stencil on the backer board, pour the hot-fix rhinestones onto the stencil. Then brush the surface using the paint brush. The stones will end up falling in the hole. Cover your stencil with the transfer tape and gently rub with a soft squeegee.

Heat Press It

After placing the tape and rhinestones on the t-shirt, press it for about 10-15 seconds at 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, allow it to cool off.

Get your supplies here!

HeatPressNation.com is an online store that offers a wide range of Heat Press Transfer Machines, Printers, Heat Transfer Papers, Vinyl Cutters, Sublimation Systems, Accessories and other supplies at the lowest prices possible.

Call us at our toll free number, 800.215.0894 for any advice, and speak with our experts, or email us at support@heatpressnation.com

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Shirita Cruz no

Shirita Cruz no

I need to press a large bling butterfly onto a hot pink sweatshirt. She also wants the word DIVA on the front. I have no idea where to start. I follow you guys on YouTube and feel that your company is the safest route to go. Do you have a bling butterfly? Can you create the word DIVA for me please?

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