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When working on your printing project, you will require heat press transfer vinyl as one of your supplies. If you’re looking for different types and designs at reasonable prices, you will not be disappointed with our collection.

However, the more compelling question is, how many variations are available and how can you use them to enhance your heat press business? We’re here to answer that question!

The Standard Vinyl

The Standard Vinyl is available in one of the best brands like Siser EasyWeed. This material can be used in various kinds of fabrics like cotton, polyester and a blend of both. Even under this brand, you have several forms available, like stretch, extra, electric and moda. It is an easy to use material, thinner than most, which can be easily cut.

The Glitter Vinyl

VideoFlex Glitter by Siser is one of simplest glittered transfer vinyl to weed due to its smooth texture. Other than this, we have GlitterFlex Ultra and Siser Glitter Vinyl.

Metallic Vinyl

For the latest computer aided design material, this metallic vinyl is ideal. It has a bit of an electric look, is best for cotton, uncoated polyester and both blended fabrics.

Flock Vinyl

If you’re on the lookout for something more unique like a 3D effect for your printing, with a raised textured effect, then flock vinyl is your choice. We have the best options available for you.

Glossy Vinyl

Want something that stands out? With our line of glossy vinyl, we have the best and trendiest line of heat transfer vinyl for high end fashion and sportswear.

Reflective Vinyl

This is made of specialized polyurethane material with a glass bead construction. We have the best range of Siser ReflectAll.

Other Specialized Heat Transfer Vinyl

These are just some of our heat transfer vinyl available. Feel free to check out our range here. If you have any questions, call our experts!

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