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Heat Press Nation's Craft Pro Mug & Tumbler Heat Press Is Here!

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We are so excited to announce the latest and greatest from Heat Press Nation! I'm talking about the brand new Heat Press Nation CraftPro Mug & Tumbler Heat Press. Now this is going to be a two in one mug press so it's going to come with two attachments that feature HeatPressNation's Exclusive TruePrint Heating Element.

TruePrint Heating Element

HPN's exclusive TruePrint element technology so when you're looking at budget heating elements you'll notice that the heating element, the actual metal filament that runs through the silicon is very very thin. The TruePrint heating element however is up to five times thicker than what you're gonna find on other mug presses. So this means that you're gonna get a much more consistent and even heat distribution on your products.

Heat Press Nation's True Print Heating Element

Now like I said it's a two in one so the first element that's gonna come with the machine when you get your new CraftPro Mug Press, it's going to be installed already inside and that's going to be for your ceramic mugs. You can also fit a few other items. For example, we have these pencil caddies and you know 16 oz glass steins those are also going to fit in here. But it's mainly designed to fit mugs between 11 and 16 oz. So of course you see right here I have my 11 oz mug that is going to fit perfectly. I'm just going to pop it in there that's going to fit perfectly inside of your course.

Pressure Adjustment

This mug press also features dual pressure adjustment points. So right here on the back we have two adjustable pressure knobs it's gonna allow us to really open or close it up to accommodate whatever we need. Again, it's going to fit 11 to 16 oz coffee mugs so that's really exciting. Of course I mean there's lots of really great features that I love about this mug press. I'm going to turn it on we have the digital controller here and I love that it's digital because you just push a few buttons right.

Digital Gauge

You set the temperature on top and then of course on bottom you could set the time to whatever you want it to be. It's already heating up so I don't want this to get hot because I'm going to show you something right now but yeah. So you turn it on super easy. What I also love about this is that the timer is automatic. So when you lower the handle you hear that beep it's already going to start counting down. So these are a lot of the pro features that you find on our Signature Series Mug Press that we've brought to the CraftPro line.

Now I'm going to be honest this is probably one of my favorite new products to come out in a really long time. I love that at Heat Press Nation we're always innovating but what's really cool is that we're always listening to our customers. As some of you guys might remember a few years ago when we launched these tumbler attachment for the Signature Series Mug Press, that was a direct result to you our customers asking us to make a tumbler attachment. So we hear, we listen, we hear you guys we see your comments on the youtube videos, we see your posts in the facebook group and on our facebook page and we are listening. And so a lot of questions came in about hey is there a more affordable option for heat pressing tumblers and we're so proud to say that with this brand new product launch from the CraftPro line, yes this is gonna be the most affordable way you could heat press tumblers with a quality heat press that's backed up by Heat Press Nation's one-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


Support is very very key for your success and I'll tell you why. When you purchase items from discount websites or big online auction sites or whatever, it's not going to come with any support. Once you're past your return period that's it. If you have any issues with the machine you are out of luck my friend. That's not the case with Heat Press Nation. We have a one year parts and labor warranty on all of our products and free lifetime technical support. So even if you're past your warranty period if you have a question about the machine if you're having any issues pick up the phone give us a call our team is happy to get you taken care of. Not only that, another thing that I really love about the CraftPro Mug & Tumbler Heat Press is that it really empowers so many more people to get started to get creative. We have so many awesome customers, awesome viewers out there like you who are super creative and maybe you just need a little push. Maybe you just need that extra little bit of equipment. Maybe you're tired of doing your tumblers in the oven or you're looking for a more consistent result. We want to empower you to get creating and start customizing items that you never even thought possible.

So we're really excited about this brand new product launch. If you have any questions at all you can talk to us over at support.heatpressnation.com. You can chat with the live representative or you can get on the phone and give us a call at 800-215-0894.


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Touched by Rai of SunShine

Touched by Rai of SunShine

When submitting a tumbler do have rotate the tumbler to achieve an even image on both sides?

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