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What is Siser EasyColor DTV?

What is Siser EasyColor DTV?

Previously, Siser has brought the unthinkable to sublimation with EasySubli, a transfer and ink set for Sawgrass printers applicable to fabrics beyond polyester. But, what if you lack the access to a sublimation printer? Fortunately, Siser now has you covered with a direct-to-vinyl transfer designed to work with virtually any inkjet printer — introducing Siser EasyColor. This is an opaque-matte-finish print and cut material with a soft-texture, and thin profile close to EasyWeed. It can hold full-color graphics as vibrant and clear as EasySubli, and applies well to both light and dark fabrics.

In terms of EasyColor being compatible with any inkjet printer, it’s ready for both home and office use printers. As long as the printer can print onto 8.5" x 11" plain paper, you can expect EasyColor prints to look consistently colorful, and even beyond if yours is capable of high quality printing. To cleanly bring your graphics over without any background, you’ll have the option to contour cut around their edges with your preferred vinyl cutter, then lift out the cut graphic itself with a medium tack mask, such as Siser’s trusty Easy Mask.

Similar to EasySubli, Siser EasyColor is applicable to many standard fabrics, including cotton and polyester. This makes it ideal for apparel like cotton T-shirts and hats, alongside items beyond clothing like: tote bags, soft decor, flags, and more. By serving as a general alternative to EasySubli, this material is perfect for both beginners and experts alike. It’s a great first dive into heat transfers for the former, and a solid full-color transfer for the latter. All it takes is having an inkjet printer around, and printing the graphics you need through Siser’s most versatile transfer to date. You can learn more about Siser EasyColor and other materials and tools on our YouTube channel, or by visiting HeatPressNation.com.

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