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How To Print & Apply Siser EasyColor Transfers

How To Print & Apply Siser EasyColor Transfers

Siser has put together a material that brings the quality and convenience of EasySubli beyond sublimation printers — this is Siser EasyColor. To prove its simplicity, we’ll be showing how to apply it on a standard cotton T-shirt from start to finish with an inkjet printer and standard heat press.

Before getting started, make sure to check the size of your T-shirt to figure out how big your printed graphic should be. For medium shirts, a max width of 8 inches is a typical standby for visibility, though you can always measure a more specific area on your shirt to lock in a slightly larger size that stays visible. Once you’ve figured out size, next is to scale down the graphic to that size, then print and cut around its edges. If you prefer to contour cut your graphics, import your graphic to your vinyl cutter’s software to use its print and cut tools. There won’t be any need to mirror the graphic prior due to EasyColor’s front facing application on items.

Once your graphic has print and cut borders around it, go ahead and send it to your printer in high quality, leaving its media setting at plain paper. With the transfer printed, now it's time to cut the graphic. When contour cutting transfers through larger cutters like the VinylSystems Evo, we recommend placing them on a large enough cutting mat that will allow the cutter to properly feed it in and out while cutting. We also recommend using the settings shown here. And once your graphic has been cut, weed out the empty space to then mask it out with Siser’s TTD Easy Mask. If the graphic’s shape is a simple square or circle, you can carefully lift it out of the carrier sheet. Now we can turn on our heat press and set it to 15 seconds at 310 degrees Fahrenheit with medium-firm pressure.

With the machine at temperature, bring your shirt to the lower platen, then pre-press it for 3 seconds. Now you can simply place your transfer on top facing up, then cover your items with parchment paper and press. After 15 seconds, open your machine and peel the parchment paper and any Easy Mask hot. You’ve now applied a colorful EasyColor transfer on a cotton T-shirt! To learn more about Siser EasyColor and other materials and tools, be sure to check out our YouTube channel, or visit HeatPressNation.com.

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