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A personalized tote bag is a fashion statement. You can print what you want and be a fashion icon. With a little practice and some careful handling, the outcome could easily turn into a viable business model. What's more, only minimal investment is needed.

Items needed and process 

You need six items: baking paper, Stanley knife, paints which work on fabrics, including acrylics, paintbrush and printed sheet. The first thing to do is to make your own design. Open a word or design program and create a design. Adjust elements like font size and color to your satisfaction. When you feel that you have created a perfect design, print it out. Slide the printed sheet underneath grease proof paper. Copt the template. Use the Stanley knife to cut grease proof paper. You are now the owner of a completed template.

Lay flat out the tote bag. If the bag is creased, put a cardboard sheet underneath the bag. Place the template you made face up on the bag. Tape template down with sellotape. Do not worry, you can easily remove it. Keep paper immovable and flat. Paint the color you like over it. Paint it evenly. When you are satisfied that it is evenly painted, remove the template. Place bag flat so that it can dry. Your personalized tote bag is now yours! 

Storing residues 

It is important to carefully store the leftover printing supplies. Proper storage is necessary for a number of reasons. The inks should always be ready for subsequent use and can be easily accessed. They must also be protected from any degradation. It must also be kept in a place where it should not come in the way of any other activity. Getting all these factors right mean not only saving money, but also the time. 

You can buy a cart to store the screen printing press. This makes an excellent temporary storing measure. This cart can carry all materials needed to execute a printing job. Place necessary inks, tools and squeegees on top of cart. There should be one or multiple pockets on the cart sides for proofs and paperwork. A cart keeps projects to be done smoothly with all equipment in hand. Since materials are sold in bulk, proper and sturdy shelving is needed to manage the ink storage. If you frequently use a color, keep it separate from the rest. Label the custom colors for easy use. 

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