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Your multifunction heat press requires periodic maintenance checks. If you do not follow a care regimen, you will soon find yourself losing the thing which provides you bread and butter. It is important to take preventive maintenance to avoid repairing a faulty unit in the future.

Although multifunction heat presses are manufactured by a number of brands, all of them need a number of common maintenance checks and repairs. Three factors must be taken into consideration - the surface temperature, consistent pressure, and the application of grease to the machine's moving parts.

Surface temperature 

The temperature on the surface of the machine can be ascertained with a pyrometer. You can also use digital infrared thermometers or heat-resistant strips. It is recommended to test the heat press's surface temperature by a pyrometer or the heat-resistant strips. These two gives consistent readings compared to digital infrared thermometers.

Consistent pressure 

You can test the heat press for consistent pressure over the total surface of the platen. This is done by what is colloquially termed as the “Dollar Bill Test”. This is done by hanging a dollar bill halfway on, and then halfway off the press. Close press and then try to pull out the dollar bill. Ideally, it must be firmly held between the platen and top of the press. In case you can pull out the dollar bill sans any effort, you must contact the supplier of the multifunction heat press and get it serviced. In case you are afraid to use your precious currency, strips of paper work just fine.

Grease moving mechanical parts 

A few models or brands are sold with real grease fittings, for which you will need grease guns. The majority of the multifunction heat press machines are of much simpler construction. You simply need a spray lubricant or grease as required. Make sure that the lubricant or grease is resistant to heat. It is recommended that you conduct monthly checks on the temperature and pressure of the heat press machine. The moving parts must be greased as per the guidelines documented by the manufacturer. In case you believe that you need professional maintenance services, either contact the manufacturer for services or hire a reputed firm. If you face persistent problems with your old machine, and suffering financial losses, it is a good idea to buy a new multifunction heat press. Buy it from authorized dealers only. The best ones will help you to select the best machine for your particular needs.

By properly maintaining your multifunction heat press, you would be able to avoid expensive repairs, as well as extend its life.

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