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How To Sublimate A Mouse Pad

Anyone’s home or work desk can be a little more personal with a custom sublimation mouse pad! Available in different shapes and sizes, these mouse pads can be customized to match any personality or style.

Using your Sublimation Printing System, print out your transfer. We recommend the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400. The image should be mirrored, with about 1/8" bleed on all sides. 

Attach the sublimation transfer onto a blank mouse pad with adhesive spray. Place it on your heat press in between two sheets of parchment paper. For thicker items like this, we recommend a swing away heat press, like the HPN Signature Series 15" x 15" Swing Away Heat Press. You’ll want the mouse pad & transfer on your heat press’s lower platen with the paper side up. Press the mouse pad at 400° Fahrenheit for 40 seconds with medium pressure. When it’s done, wait a few moments and then peel away the transfer to reveal your amazing custom mouse pad!

Whether you’d like to press your company logo or maybe a photo of your family and friends, these sublimation mouse pads are going to look amazing. Go to heatpressnation.com to check them out, along with our huge variety of other sublimation blanks


Carole Campbell

Carole Campbell

I have some mistakes on mouse pads Is there a way to print over the mistake?



Hello. I keep messing the gaming pads up. It keeps showing the seems between the paper that i have to tape together. Also it is leaving indentation where the seems are.

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