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How To Sublimate Socks with SubliCraft Sock Inserts

To easily sublimate a polyester sock, it's essential to have the right sock inserts on hand. Having these specially-shaped inserts allow for either straight or L-shaped socks (also called "hockey stick socks") to stay stretched and positioned properly while heat pressing. This allows you to get complete and even coverage on your sublimation socks, with a lower chance of untreated spots.

Slide the insert into your sock, then straighten its edges. Use Heat Tape or fabric-safe Adhesive Spray to attach the transfer to your sock. Then, in between two sheets of parchment paper, press your sock with the paper side up. Set your heat press to 385° Fahrenheit, with the timer at 60 seconds, and medium pressure. You’ll need to press your socks one side at a time. After the sock has had about 30-60 seconds to cool, peel off the transfer. You can now proceed to press the next side with the exact same steps.

And just like that, you have awesome, professionally customized sublimation socks! The key to getting professional results is using the inserts that best suit the shape of your polyester socks. We highly recommend using the SubliCraft Sock Inserts, which are available now at heatpressnation.com.

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