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Impressions Expo 2024 Long Beach Recap

Hold on to your hats because we just had the most incredible day at Impressions Expo in Long Beach, California! This isn't your average expo visit; we're on a mission to uncover the secrets of starting a business in the world of printing.

Ryan with Ninja Transfers gives us insight on their lightning-fast turnaround (one to two business days) and no minimum orders! DTF transfers, UV DTF Perma stickers for water bottles – they've got it all!

We also caught up with Josh Ellsworth from Stahls who introduced us to the brand new Hotronix innovation; Pro Place IQ projection system. It's like magic for logo placement.

Then we literally bumped into Kenji who was dropping knowledge bombs. He gave great advice about the importance of touching and feeling fabrics at trade shows.

Then we hit up the AS Colour booth, exploring their staple line, showcasing a rainbow of colors. Wyatt spills the beans on AS Colour's headwear lineup and their mind-blowing range of styles and colors. Corduroy caps, bucket caps, shorts, and shirts – they've got it all!

Gus and Jacob from the Mobile Print Shop are next in line, talking DTF technology for on-the-spot logo printing.

Over at Forever's booth, Chris showed us everything they have on white toner technology, hot stamping foils, and glitter DTF – it's a visual feast! And the grand finale? Crio's booth unveiling the Crio One Press 16" x 20" Digital Swing Away heat press. American-made, lifetime warranty – it's a game-changer!

Big Brandoh, the legend, drops some trade show wisdom. It's not just about seeing online stuff; it's about touching, feeling, and talking to the people making the magic happen, and finding the right local suppliers to cut down on shipping costs.

And we didn't forget the Supercolor booth! Speed, ease, low minimums – it's a heat transfer printing paradise for small to medium-sized orders.

We're left Impressions Expo buzzing with excitement. We hope you are left as inspired as we are.

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