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Not sure where to start with Sublimation? In this guide, we will explore three very accessible and affordable options for sublimation blanks that can kickstart your creative journey. Whether you're a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, these blanks offer a fantastic opportunity to tap into the market and unleash your artistic flair.


Sublimation drinkware is a classic choice and often the first thought for many people venturing into sublimation. It's a go-to option for creating custom mugs and tumblers, and the blanks are usually available in cases, making them affordable for businesses of all sizes. However, you can also offer custom one-off items for a more personalized touch. The range of materials is vast, including glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and various styles like shot glasses and jars. Applying sublimation to straight-walled drinkware is as simple as print, wrap, tape, and press. To achieve this, you'll need a heat press like a mug press, tumbler press, or a multi-function heat press with a cylindrical attachment. If you're just starting out, consider purchasing a dozen double craft mugs for practice runs, custom orders, and limited edition merchandise. While pricing depends on multiple factors, customized mugs generally cost around $16 to $20 each. As you become more proficient in producing sublimation drinkware or any other blanks, you can offer these items in bulk at a price that appeals to your customers while also making sense for your business.


Polyester apparel presents another exciting opportunity for customization, particularly t-shirts. These versatile tees are readily available from major wholesale suppliers, who often offer polyester apparel beyond t-shirts, such as sweaters and hats. When paired with your sublimation transfers, these blanks are ready to be transformed with a standard clamshell or swing-away heat press. The application process is straightforward: print, place, and press. The costs of custom performance garments will vary depending on the apparel and images you use, but a reasonable range is typically between $22 to $30 per item. It's worth noting that many popular producers charge considerably more. So why not consider adding your unique touch to polyester apparel and make a fashion statement?


Blank accessories are often underestimated options that provide a wide selection of items that you can customize, including hand towels, coasters, can cooler sleeves, and tote bags, among others. While you can source these accessories from the same wholesale suppliers where you get your blank apparel, they are often easier to find from specialized sublimation blank suppliers like Heat Press Nation. Since these items are generally flat like apparel, they fit perfectly on standard heat presses and use the same application process. Prices for these accessories will vary depending on the item and design, but to give you a general idea, hand towels can range from around $12 to $28 per custom piece, while a single custom keychain can cost anywhere from around $7 to $15. These custom accessories not only offer an upsell opportunity for each order but also serve as powerful tools to help you build a thriving business. To boost your sales and attract more clients looking to enhance their branding, it's essential to prepare mock-ups or take high-quality product photos of samples you've created. Showcasing these visuals to your potential clients is an effective way to increase the value of each job and even secure new projects for your business. By demonstrating the potential of sublimation blanks, you can position yourself as a reliable and innovative partner in helping clients bring their visions to life.

It's no wonder that so many businesses are making sublimation their next big move. The affordability and ease of customization offered by sublimation blanks make them a winner in terms of simplicity and profitability.

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