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The HPN Signature Series Sublimation Mug Press, which is hailed as one of the best heat presses on the market for creating personalized sublimation drink ware! This compact yet powerful machine has made professional drink ware customization accessible to regular individuals and businesses. Let's explore the remarkable features that set this mug press apart and why it's a game-changer for anyone seeking consistent, professional results.

Exclusive TruePrint Technology

With heat coils up to 5 times thicker than the competition, this innovative technology ensures unparalleled heat distribution and flawless results. Experience the power of precise and consistent heating across the entire mug surface, allowing your vibrant designs to shine. Elevate your business with the HPN Signature Series Mug Press and its remarkable TruePrint Mug Heating Element – the ultimate game-changer in custom drink ware.

TruePrint Heating Element

Compact Size with Professional Capabilities

Despite its small footprint, the HPN Signature Series Mug Press delivers exceptional performance. Its compact design allows it to fit on any counter or tabletop, making it convenient for home or business use. Don't let its size fool you; this machine is fully loaded with professional-grade features that ensure consistent, high-quality results every time.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the HPN Signature Series Mug Press is its user-friendly interface. The large, bright display screen provides all the essential information you need. It prominently displays the set values, where you input your desired heat press settings, as well as the present values, which indicate the current settings. This feature allows you to easily determine if the machine is ready for use. With just a few button presses, you're all set to start creating customized drinkware. Additionally, the automatic timer eliminates the need for manual timekeeping. Simply lower the handle, and the timer starts automatically. When your mug is ready, the press emits a beep, ensuring you never over- or under-press your items.

Count on the Counter

The HPN Signature Series Mug Press includes a useful counter feature, particularly valuable when handling large batches of mugs. With a counter displayed on the screen, each press of a mug increments the count. It's like having an odometer for your printing jobs. Resetting the counter at the start of a project helps with time management and provides a clear picture of your progress. Whether you're trying to gauge efficiency or track output, this subtle yet beneficial feature enhances your overall workflow.

Why an Iron Won't Cut It

You might wonder why you can't simply use an iron to transfer images onto mugs since it only requires heat. Well, you may have been the kid in preschool that was trying to fit a round peg into a square hole (just kidding) The the truth is that using a flat iron on a curved surface like a mug simply doesn't work. The HPN Signature Series Mug Press addresses this challenge by contouring to the mug's shape. Additionally, it employs the Quad Point Pressure Adjustment System, featuring four individual adjustable points of pressure. This system ensures even and consistent pressure on your sublimation mugs, leaving no areas with insufficient heat or pressure.

Versatility and Additional Attachments

The HPN Signature Series Sublimation Mug Press offers versatility with a range of additional heating elements. These attachments allow you to customize shot glasses, water bottles, tapered mugs, and more. The Quad Point Pressure Adjustment System ensures even pressure on various drinkware shapes, including standard coffee mugs that subtly taper at the edges. The attachments available include shot glass, mini mug, water bottle (straight wall), short tapered mug, large tapered mug, and the standard 11 and 16 oz mug attachments. You can purchase these attachments separately or choose from the two, four, or six-in-one Signature Series Mug Bundles, which come with multiple heating elements.

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Reliable Warranty and Support

The HPN Signature Series Mug Press comes with a one-year warranty and free lifetime MyExpert technical support. You can purchase this product with confidence knowing you have the backing of the leading retailer of heat presses in the USA.


The HPN Signature Series Sublimation Mug Press revolutionizes the world of custom drinkware by bringing professional-grade customization capabilities into the homes and businesses of everyday people. Its compact size, user-friendly interface, automatic timer, counter feature, Quad Point Pressure Adjustment System, and versatile heating attachments make it the go-to choice for consistent, professional results.

Say goodbye to uneven or inadequate pressure and welcome a new level of creativity and precision in your sublimation projects with the HPN Signature Series Mug Press.

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