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Printing labels can be a tricky affair for first-timers. The difference between printing labels and other materials begins from the pre-press stage. To start, find the "Labels" option in the Mailings tab in Microsoft Word or any other comparable program.

Prepress stage 

In Microsoft Word, click "Labels". The dialog box you see now on the screen actually serves both Labels and Envelopes. The default tab you see on your screen is the option you clicked in the first place. Since you clicked the tab, the Tab comes up as a default. The Labels tab has multiple sections. The cursor by default will be found in the Address section. If you have typed the address somewhere before, Word will have already imported the address and put it into that section by default.

Now select the correct label format. In Labels section, define size labels. If the default size label is incorrect, change it. Click Options to change label definition. To pick label size, select the printer you have and then the right label vendor. You will then have to select the product number of that specific vendor. Compare the result with the paper size you have in your press. If this fits, then click the Ok button. You will be taken back to Labels dialog box. Keep “Full page of the same label” selected. This option makes it much easier to print in the printing machine. 

Click “New Document” to input text. You can format labels if you want. Do understand, a label is similar to a Word Table. If you know the methods to format the table rows, cells, and columns, you can do identical tasks on labels as well. 


Now you have to print the labels. A common problem in such cases is the non-drying of ink. The technical name of this problem is over-saturation. This is the result of excess quality or DPI in an inkjet printer. To solve this problem, push settings to fast draft from normal. You can also reduce your DPI. 

Alignment issue is another persistent problem. If this happens, verify whether page scaling is set as none. Uncheck "Auto-Rotate and Center" in print settings. Some printers carry other technical terminology like "Resize Page to Fit Printer Margins." The print will be at 100 percent size. Other sizes are not an option. 

These solutions generally solve the majority of everyday print issues. If you are unsure about any aspect of the job, hire a professional print technician.

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