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If you own a business, the chances are that you like to stretch every dollar as much as possible. If you occasionally use the printer, then it is a good decision to find out ways on how to properly store the sparsely used ink cartridges. The minimal printing means the cartridge ink dries out, leading to unclear and streaky prints. Fret not; there exists a simple solution.  When implemented, it will provide superb quality prints for many years to come.

Removal and sealing 

The first step is to prepare the cartridges for storage. Begin by dampening a cheap washcloth or even a paper towel. If there is any excess water, wring it out. Wrap the damp cloth around one cartridge. Repeat the process for every cartridge. It is advisable to wear protective gloves while you handle the cartridges. The ink must not make contact with the skin. 

The next step is to seal the cartridges. This is important if the cartridge is occasionally used. This will restrict the exposure of the cartridge to outside air. The ink will thus be stopped from drying out. Use an airtight container or sandwich bag while sealing the printer cartridge. Place them in the containers while wrapped by the damp washcloth or paper towel. 

Storage and reuse 

Your cartridges are now ready for storage. Find a dark and cool location where you can store them. You may use your cabinets and storage closets for this function. The cartridges must be stored in this kind of places as these closed environments effectively restrict the exposure of the ink to various drying elements like sunlight, air, and humidity. If it is possible for you, keep the storage area as it is. Do not open the cabinet or drawer unless you have to use the cartridge. Better designate a special storage space for them.

You can also reuse such cartridges when you want. To reuse, first, remove the cartridge from its container or bag. Ensure they are dry prior to reinserting them into the office printer. Do not press the print button at this stage. Go carefully over the top of the cartridges and find (if any) dried ink deposits. In case you locate such deposits, remove them. Do this with a slightly dampened washcloth or sponge. Paper towels will also suffice. If you do not take this precaution, the chances are that your printer could be unsuccessful in drawing out ink from the cartridges. 

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