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A clean roto gravure machine will improve productivity and ensure constant print quality. You will also enjoy a healthy working environment. There will be downtime reduction and minimal waste of cylinders and other accessories. Ink consumption will reduce. Delivery times will be shorter. Constant cleaning needs the use of skilled personnel who possess the technical expertise to flip equipment from one job to another. All of these will result in LEAN production. It is important for you to stock a complete range of cleaning equipment . Your production will be optimized and you can extract the maximum benefits out of the printing press.

Cleaning equipment

Good cleaning equipment for roto-gravure can be customized to fit the increasing complexity of cleaning requirements. There will be specialized holders for ink pans, press parts, doctor blades, and buckets. More expensive kits are fully automatic and no manual labor is needed. You can specify the number of cylinders to be cleaned every day. This could range from a single cylinder to multiple cylinders. Do ask the equipment supplying company to have a better deal when it comes to your own unique requirements.

Parts washer

A Parts Washer ensures better quality cleaning and can be put to intensive use. These machines are provided with premium performance pumps. You can easily remove heavy layer inks and varnishes from multiple roto-gravure press parts. These completely automatic washing units can effortlessly handle a wide variety of roto-gravure press components. You can wash away all kinds of varnishes and inks with this machine. The units could be fitted with a trolley, thus making for easier handling. This grid on trolley could be easily slid to the machine from its front. Press operators can take advantage of such easy and swift procedures to concentrate on the press ready functions. The changeover time is thus reduced. The labor involved in the washing procedure is also much less.

Parts washer units are fitted with tailor-made wash areas as per particular requirements. It means that the nozzles get targeted to particular press components. The wash area also gets optimized in an optimum way. All ensure a better cleaning cycle. There are a number of wash area layouts like tray rail, 2-story, grid, rotating nozzles, and hose cleaning. The other parts are the double sliding grid, the trolley with the slide-in grid, and a trolley for cleaning two or three cylinders. Premium cleaning equipment comes with distillers which work as a closed loop.

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