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Printers have learned the hard way to manage inks during inclement weather. If inks are not stored properly, they may not be usable after a few days. Commercial printers will suffer considerable financial losses as a result. It is important to know the nature and full chemistry of the ink being used. Only then can a print press be assured of an ink which will help a long way to achieve perfect printing.

Storage Problems

Storage of inks become a problem during winter time. Inks based on emulsions and water could freeze. This happens as these compounds have high water content. For best results, keep the ink above the ground. They should be kept in insulated rooms for a longer life-cycle.  It is important that the printer must not get too much cold. If this happens, then the viscosity will change. This will make the printing process much harder. 

When it comes to compromise between saving costs of ordering in bulk and storing ink expenses, it is advisable that you order a three months' supply. If you think you cannot keep the ink in controlled conditions, order one week supply. Order it on a weekday so that the package is always in transit.  If it is the matter of storing printing inks in summer, then store the compound away from direct sunlight. Presence of ink to higher temperatures could start the ink to form gels. The inks may turn thick. Your printing process could be much harder. Adopt the habit of mixing inks prior to printing. This will assist in breaking any false body which may have been formed due to heat. 


Do remember that where there is heat, there will inevitably be humidity as well. More moisture can be retained by 100 percent pure cotton textiles. This is much more than nylon-cotton blends. It is advisable that you dry the pure cotton textiles at much elevated temperatures. The substrate must be fully dried before it can be printed upon. There is more than an even chance that the substrate will release moisture when the garments are being dried. It is thus a wise decision to take multiple test prints before beginning a print run. 

Many print owners face problems related to under curing in summer due to air-conditioner use. This can also happen due to faulty conveyor dryer placement. There must not be direct contact with the conveyor drier and drafts from fans, windows and vents.

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