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Introducing the Siser Juliet 12" Vinyl Cutter!

A new vinyl cutter? From Siser? You heard right! The industry leader in vinyl has finally created their first cutter - the Juliet 12" high definition vinyl cutter.

When will the Siser Juliet 12" vinyl cutter be released?

The Siser Juliet 12" vinyl cutter is expected to be released later this Fall.

What features will the Siser Juliet 12" vinyl cutter have?

The Siser Juliet 12" vinyl cutter is a very capable machine. It comes pre-loaded with the cut settings for all Siser transfers, has the ability to cut multiple types of material including cardstock and craft foam, and is 60% faster and much quieter than similar craft cutters.

More features have yet to be confirmed, but so far we've heard that the cutter will also feature:

  • Beautiful and easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Adjustable pinch rollers
  • WIFI connectivity
  • PC/Mac compatibility
  • Contour cutting to allow use with Print and Cut materials like Siser EasyColor DTV.
  • Ability to draw using the included marker adapter. Great for use with Siser Sublimation Markers.
  • Includes powerful and easy-to-use Leonardo Design Studio
Why was the cutter named Juliet?

Considering that Siser's headquarters is a short drive from the town of Verona, Italy, the setting of the famous play, Romeo and Juliet, it's no surprise where they found inspiration for the name of their new vinyl cutter. However, one question remains to be answered - wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Where can we find out more about the Siser Juliet 12" vinyl cutter?

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Can I be notified when the Siser Juliet 12" vinyl cutter is available for purchase?

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Heather Mizell

Heather Mizell

What program will be used with it and what is the print and cut size?

Elizabeth K

Elizabeth K

Is there an estimated price yet?

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