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TexPrint DT Sublimation Paper: Heavy Or Light?

The TexPrint DT Heavy and DT Light papers are designed for certain ink types, but are compatible with any sublimation printer. But how exactly do the two fare against each other? This blog post and video compares both papers used on a Sawgrass SG printer, plus how they react to certain images and sublimation blanks.



Two popular choices of sublimation paper are TexPrint DT Heavy and DT Light from Beaver Paper. While both papers have been optimized for specific sublimation printer systems and inks, they are each safe to use on any sublimation printer - regardless of their ink type. However, their results in printing certain types of images do vary from one paper to the other. Based on our results using a Sawgrass printer with Sublijet ink, TexPrint DT Light releases more of the gas sublimation dye onto substrates than DT Heavy. And as you’ll see below, this has different effects on the final product.


ChromaLuxe Photo Panel Comparison

We’ve prepared a few substrates applied with these papers to specifically show how each paper reacts with a certain type of vibrant image. We’ll start with a couple of 5" by 7" ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels, each one applied with the same photograph on each TexPrint paper. Notice how the two kids in the photo appear with more natural tones on TexPrint DT Heavy. While DT Light looks decent overall, the image does appear slightly oversaturated.

ChromaLuxe Photo Panels with TexPrint DT Heavy and DT Light


100% Polyester T-Shirt Comparison

Next up, we'll apply a small painterly graphic on a white 100% polyester T-shirt. The vibrancy of the darker colors is much stronger on DT Light, though DT Heavy does come rather close in appearance.

Polyester Shirt with TexPrint DT Heavy and DT Light



11oz ORCA Mug Comparison

Finally, here are a couple of 11oz premium ORCA ceramic mugs with a wide vacation photo. It’s worth noting that the difference between DT Heavy and DT Light is a bit more apparent on mugs than on flat substrates. But as you can see, each paper offers their own level of color saturation.

11 Ounce ORCA Mugs with TexPrint DT Heavy and DT Light



When being used with Sawgrass and similar sublimation printers, TexPrint DT Heavy will produce finished products that closely represent your original artwork, which is usually preferred for photographs. TexPrint DT Light enhances the contrast and saturation of your images, which can really make bold, colorful graphics stand out. In terms of which TexPrint paper to go with, this will ultimately depend on what type of images or graphics you print the most, and the overall look you wish to achieve.

If you’d like to learn more about sublimation paper and other transfers, visit our catalog at HeatPressNation.com. For any questions, feel free to get in touch with a MyExpert™ representative at our Contact Us/Support page, or call the phone number, (800) 215-0894.

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