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Using A Heat Felt With Sublimation Tiles

Pressing ceramic sublimation tiles can sometimes be a challenge. For instance, if the pressure on your heat press is just a little too high, these rigid, flat substrates may crack. However, with great tools like Geo Knight's Nomex Heat Felt, pressing delicate hard substrates is a whole lot easier!

The heat felt goes on the lower platen of your heat press. We recommend using a swing away style press, like our HPN Signature Series 15" x 15" Swing Away Heat Press. The felt cushions the substrate, while distributing pressure evenly.  From here, you can prepare the sublimation print and photo tile together.

Be sure that before sublimating the tile, your heat press is set to the appropriate time and temperature. (Depending on the size and thickness of the tile, this could anywhere from 385°-400°F, and 90-300 seconds. Check the instructions for your tile specifically.) Place the tile & transfer on the heat felt facing down, then cover it with parchment paper and press with medium-light pressure. Remember to wear heat resistant gloves when handling any hot items. When the timer finishes, remove the sublimated tile and bring it to a cooler area. Wait just a few moments, then peel the transfer away.

With the right heat felt, your photos and art can now be sublimated onto ceramic tiles with ease; no more cracked tiles and wasted product! Sublimation photo tiles and more are available at HeatPressNation.com.

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