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Compact & Portable: All About The Silhouette Portrait 4!

The Silhouette Portrait 4 is a compact and portable machine. With a cutting width of 8.5", it is the perfect machine for cutting labels and creating custom stickers and decals. It is also the perfect machine to take to events, craft parties, or anywhere you want to be creative due to its light weight. 


Portrait 4 Overview & Tech Basics

  • Optional Electrostatic mat​ 
  • Adjustable pinch rollers​
  • Improved Print & Cut registration
  • 8.5 inch cutting width​
  • Cut up to 16 feet in length ​
  • Matless cutting capabilities
  • Bluetooth® connectivity​
  • Driven by Silhouette Studio® giving you limitless design options to customize your projects


Portrait 4: New Tools & Consumables

Heat Pens

The Heat Pen applies foil transfer material permanently onto select project surfaces. This can include surfaces such as faux leather or cardstock. As opposed to pressure-based foil that is pressed onto the material surface, the Heat Pen will transfer foil material via heat, thus providing a cleaner, brighter, more durable finish. 

Compatible withCameo 5, Cameo 5 Plus, Portrait 4 & Curio 2


Portrait Electrostaic Mat

The Portrait Electrostatic Mat has a regular adhesion level to hold most thin pieces of paper, cardstock, and general material types in place. The Portrait Electrostatic Mat must be used with Portrait 4.

Compatible with: Portrait 4

Portrait Cutting Mat

The Portrait Cutting Mat has a regular adhesion level to hold most card stock and general material types in place. 

Compatible with: Portrait 4


On The Go Design Studio

Silhouette Go allows customers to be more mobile than ever. Use your Silhouette machine in any room or on the go with just your mobile device. Quickly and easily select designs from your Silhouette Library and send them to a Silhouette machine using a Bluetooth® connection.

Pre-Orders and Estimated Release Date:

We currently do not have an established release date, however, for the most up-to-date information on the new Portrait 4 and how you can be among the first to get one, go to heat.press/cameo5.

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