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Silhouette Curio 2: Cutting Meets Engraving

The Curio 2 is the first-of-its-kind precision cutting machine with a flatbed designed for expanded possibilities for creators.

The Curio 2 provides a 12x12 flatbed workspace area with 20mm of vertical clearance. It is equipped with an Electrostatic Bed and power tool options. This allows the Curio to load and use additional material types that other machines in its class cannot.

Curio 2 Overview & Tech Basics

Machine features include:

  • Full 12-inch workspace
  • Electrostatic cutting surface -- No cutting mat required
  • Cutting Area: 12 in. x 12 in.
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 3mm (Depends on the material)​
  • 20mm height clearance for thicker materials
  • Smart Detection to measure material thickness automatically
  • Compatible with Silhouette power tools
  • Wireless cutting with Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Print & Cut registration capability

New Tools & Consumables

Power Engraver

The Power Engraver is used to engrave the surface of the material of choice. It adds depth and dimension onto acrylic, metal plates, silver clay, and more.

**Must be used with Curio 2 Debris Tray

Compatible withCurio 2

Leather Punch Tool

The Leather Punch Tool is used to punch holes on faux leather or similar materials for stitching and other applications.

Compatible withCurio 2

Heat Pens

The Heat Pen applies foil transfer material permanently onto select project surfaces. This can include surfaces such as faux leather or cardstock. As opposed to pressure-based foil that is pressed onto the material surface, the Heat Pen will transfer foil material via heat, thus providing a cleaner, brighter, more durable finish. 

Compatible withCameo 5, Cameo 5 Plus, Portrait 4 & Curio 2


Embossing Tool (Type C)

Embossing Tools can be used to emboss and deboss embossable foil and cardstock.

Compatible with: Cameo 5, Cameo 5 Plus, and Curio 2

Pen Holder (Type C)

The Pen Holder allows you to use a range of pens, from a thinner standard ball-point pen to a thicker felt-tip marker.

Compatible with: Cameo 5, Cameo 5 Plus, and Curio 2

Curio 2 Debris Tray

The Curio 2 Debris Tray must be used when using the Power Engraver Catch material dust and shavings that comes off the project surface.

Compatible with: Curio 2


Pre-Orders and Estimated Release Date:

We currently do not have an established release date, however, for the most up-to-date information on the new Curio 2 and how you can be among the first to get one, go to heat.press/cameo5.

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Scrapy Goldy

Scrapy Goldy

Est-elle compatible avec la caméo 4 ?.

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