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Siser Juliet: Unboxing & Early Review From Heat Press Nation

Siser Juliet: Unboxing & Early Review From Heat Press Nation

We're extremely excited to unbox our new Siser Juliet cutter courtesy of our friends at Siser North America! In doing so, we've found that Siser did not cut any corners in packaging one of their very first cutting machines, which includes essential items as a 12" high tack cutting mat, 45° and 60° blades, and free access to their Leonardo Design Studio software. You can watch the video above for a closer look onto what's inside a Juliet cutter's box, plus some initial thoughts on this fresh machine and Siser's offerings in general.

The industry-leading producer of heat transfer vinyl has just released their brand-new cutting machine that’s elegant, compact, and quiet to boot. This is the Siser Juliet craft cutter, a compact twelve-inch cutting machine suited for jobs of all sizes. Housing a cutting mechanism that’s capable of handling fine details and notable lengths of material, it’s also one of the quietest and fastest machines in its class. With 45 and 60 degree blades included, the Siser Juliet is ready for standard transfers like heat transfer vinyl and paper, or thicker materials like glitter and flocked vinyl. The Siser Juliet also comes with a 12 by 12 inch high tack cutting mat that’s perfect for both smaller vinyl sheets and print & cut materials like Siser EasyColor DTV.

When you’re ready for your first cut with the Siser Juliet, you can quickly set it up for ANY Siser material, as it has built-in cut presets for each and every one. Whether you’re cutting on a large roll of EasyWeed, or even preparing a coloring page with Siser sublimation markers, all it takes is a few clicks to switch to the right settings — though you won’t be limited to just Siser materials. In pushing the Juliet’s power and versatility, you can configure it for other materials and even non-transfers through its front touch panel. Other materials ready for the Juliet are cardstock, craft foam, stickers, and more. All of this is powered by Siser’s own Leonardo Design Studio, a downloadable tool for PCs and Macs that eases the cutting process for beginners and veterans alike, and stays up to date through online connectivity.

While the Siser Juliet serves as the perfect companion for their HTV, it’s also just as ready for print and cut jobs with its built-in registration camera. When working with materials such as EasyColor DTV, EasySubli HTV, and many inkjet heat transfer papers, you can trust the Siser Juliet to get the job done with ease. Even though this machine has been defined as a craft cutter, it’s clear that Siser has designed it to be the best of its kind and beyond. In taking your passion to the next level with a solid and compact cutting machine, you can’t go wrong with the Juliet as your choice. You can learn more about Siser cutters and other products at our YouTube channel, or by visiting HeatPressNation.com.

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