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Introducing the Siser Romeo 24" Vinyl Cutter!

When Will The Siser Romeo 24" Vinyl Cutter Be Available?

The Siser Romeo 24" is available for pre-order now at HeatPressNation.com!

The Romeo offers all of the same great features as the Juliet but at twice the size! Built with businesses in mind, the Romeo 24" Vinyl Cutter by Siser is the perfect machine for tackling wide designs and high-volume jobs with both speed and precision. The Romeo Vinyl Cutter also has an open workspace to help increase productivity and offers variable grit rollers for loading a variety of material sizes!

This capable machine is designed to take on jobs big and small - handling fine details and extensive lengths with ease. The Siser Romeo Vinyl Cutter comes pre-loaded with the cut settings for all Siser materials, eliminating any guesswork and allowing you to simply craft and design!

Siser materials won't be the only thing you'll cut, however! The Siser Romeo Vinyl Cutter can work with a wide variety of items such as stickers, cardstock, craft foam, fabric, and more.

Best of all, the new Siser Romeo Vinyl Cutter cutter is quiet! Using cutting-edge (wink, wink) technology, Siser is able to provide a cutter that is 60% faster and much quieter than similar craft cutters. Say hello to a more peaceful vinyl cutting experience!

What features does the Romeo 24" Vinyl Cutter Have?

  • Pre-loaded with pre-set cut settings for all Siser materials.

  • Beautiful and easy-to-use touchscreen

  • Adjustable pinch rollers

  • WIFI connectivity

  • PC/Mac compatibility

  • Contour cutting to allow use with Print and Cut materials like Siser EasyColor DTV.

  • Ability to draw using the included marker adapter.

  • Includes powerful and easy-to-use Leonardo Design Studio Software

Where Can We Find Out More About The Siser Romeo 24" Vinyl Cutter? 

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Can I Be Notified When The Siser Romeo 24" Vinyl Cutter Is Available For Pre-Order?

To be notified when the Siser Romeo 24" vinyl cutter becomes available, sign up for email notifications HERE.

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