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Siser Romeo Precision Vinyl Cutter Review

Introducing the next generation of vinyl cutters. This is the Siser Romeo 24 inch precision vinyl cutter.

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Now this vinyl cutter is absolutely amazing! It uses a stepper motor but don't be fooled. This is one of the quietest machines on the market. It also cuts with amazing precision so you're going to get all of your fine details up to .01 millimeters. Now that's not all. It has an onboard touch screen which is super intuitive and easy to use. It even comes pre-loaded with some of Siser's most popular materials already loaded into the presets. Now it's not just those presets these are customizable presets so if there's different materials that you want to use go for it! You simply use the touch screen, edit the setting, and save your brand new preset. Now all this comes powered by the awesome Leonardo Design Studio. What's really cool about Leonardo design studio is that you can import your vector graphics that you may have already made in other programs like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, you name it. Not only that there are tutorials built into the software that are ready to go to help you navigate this brand new program and in addition you also have Siser products already in the software with their cut settings and application settings all just a click away. Now all of that is going to work together with this amazing system. We have a total of four pinch rollers that are adjustable side to side to accommodate different lengths and widths of vinyl. So you can still use the included 12 x 12 inch cutting mat; you can also use smaller portions of vinyl or bigger portions of vinyl up to 24 inches wide. That's right, if you have your larger 20 inch rolls of Siser glitter vinyl or maybe you're using the 24 inch rolls of easy PSV. It doesn't matter. It's all going to work fantastic on the brand new Romeo 24 inch vinyl cutter. Click here for more information.


Marlene  Leger

Marlene Leger

I live in Long Beach new York, I am a seamstress I want to press tshirts and have a home businesses. We’re can I go to learn the machine

Nedra Trisler

Nedra Trisler

How does it cut rhinestone templates? Is it quicker than the Cricut or Cameo? Also what blade would you use?

Pamela Beck

Pamela Beck

Is there a rhinestone feature on this machine/software? What is maximum print & cut size?

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