All graphic design purchases from HeatPressNation come with the HeatPressNation Commercial Use License.

This page specifies the guidelines for utilizing the item(s) for personal as well as commercial purposes.

Unless mentioned otherwise, an "item" refers to a graphic, design, or font.


  • You have the right to use any purchased item for personal and commercial purposes. This includes using the item for yourself or incorporating it into a product that you sell.
  • You can use the purchased item on a physical product as long as you don't alter or modify the original digital design.
    For example, if you buy a graphic of an dog, you can use it to make a t-shirt to sell. You're also allowed to customize or personalize the design for commercial resale by adding a name.
  • Digital designs that you purchase may only be sold as part of a finished physical product.

Not Permitted:

  • You can't resell, sublicense, transfer, share, or otherwise redistribute the item in its original digital form as purchased from the website.
  • The item can't be included in the sale of another product.
  • For instance, if you purchase a flower design, you can't include the file of the flower design as part of a bundle of other items held for sale or with the purchase of a t-shirt displaying the flower design.
  • Digital cut files and fonts can't be digitized and resold as embroidery files. Except for OTF and TTF fonts as part of a flattened, unalterable digital design, the item can't be used with or on print-on-demand services.
  • You can't use the website's images of any item or a finished product containing any item to promote or market your product.
  • This means you can't use the website's stock photos or mockups of items listed on the website for your own use, whether for sale, illustration, marketing, or any other purpose.
  • Digital designs purchased from HeatPressNation may be printed, but can't be sold as printed transfers.
  • Digital designs can't be uploaded to any service that uses the asset to create physical end products for end-users on your behalf.

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