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HeatPressNation Sublimation Masterclass

This Masterclass was designed from the ground up for the startup sublimation business. Each module contains exclusive content packed with valuable information and zero fluff. In this masterclass, we’re going to demystify the sublimation process, help select the right equipment, thoroughly explain relevant products and processes, share detailed tutorials with actual examples, and provide valuable business insight. By the time you complete this masterclass, we’re confident you will have all of the knowledge and information necessary for a successful launch on your sublimation journey.

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Featuring over 8 hours of content, and 50+ videos, this master class provides valuable, and expert-led content covering equipment selection, product instruction, processes, marketing and business insights!

Section 1: Introduction to Sublimation
  • This section will help choose the right equipment to meet your needs
Section 2: Can We Skip To the Good Part?
  • This section will go over setting up your Sawgrass Printer, Heat Press, and how to perform shirt & mug transfers
Section 3: Software Tutorials
  • This section will explain how to perform the design aspect of the process including Photoshop, Silhouette Studio, and Sawgrass CreativeStudio operations.
Section 4: Let's Make Some Stuff
  • This section will go over in deeper detail how to perform popular sublimation transfers such as; photo panels, ornaments, coasters, plaques, shirts, mouse pads, and more!
Section 5: Customizing Cotton with Sublimation
  • This section will go over how to apply sublimation based transfers onto cotton fabrics with specialized transfer medias
Section 6: Your Sublimation Business
  • This section will guide you on how to setup and operate your sublimation business, going over strategies, information on copyright, and choosing a good ecommerce platform
Section 7: Marketing Basics
  • The final section will explain great marketing techniques, product photo methods, and using social media to expand your audience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Tina Dowdell
Sawgrass Printer

I absolutely love my Sawgrass printer. It took me over a year to decide which printer I would buy. I knew that I had to get the Sawgrass and I am very happy with it. I love it


Great class

Jon Jones
Sawgrass 500

Have gotten superior results every print and very easy to use with Sawgrass Design Studio.Heat Press Nation has what I need to get the job done.


Learned more here than I did after weeks of searches and online videos. Thank you!!!!!

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