HPN Craft Pro Tumbler Transfer Clamp


Clamp Color: Blue
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Do find yourself having trouble getting your transfer affixed down to your tumbler prior to pressing? With this new transfer clamping grip tool you'll be able to improve your transfer positioning method to become much easier.

Simply line up your transfer to your desired positioning, then wrap the clamp around tightly. Now you're transfer will stay in place while you apply the tape.

It's a quick and easy way to achieve a professional look for your tumbler decorations. With the HPN Craft Pro Tumbler Transfer Clamp, you'll have greater control over your tumbler design.

Made of a durable plastic with non-slip pads, this will help keep everything in position. The sides feature flat edges to prevent the substrate from rolling around.


This is designed for use with 20oz skinny tumblers for a flush fit.

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