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HPN Heat Press Entrepreneur Masterclass

A heat press is an indispensable key to unlocking profits with your new garment and gift decoration business. But with so many print methods available, how do you know which one is going to work best for you and your customers? Our Heat Press Entrepreneur Masterclass was developed specifically to address these concerns and help get your business started on the best possible foot. This Masterclass covers the 5 most popular methods of heat transfer: HTV, Heat Transfer Paper, Sublimation, White Toner DTF, and Supacolor. For each print method, you’ll learn the pros and cons, how they work, view step-by-step tutorials, and even get advice on the most popular ways to profit. You’ll also learn how to choose the right press for your business and receive valuable business management tips from our experts.

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Featuring over 35 videos, this master class provides valuable, and expert-led content covering equipment selection, product instruction, processes, marketing and business insights!

Section 1: It All Starts With A Heat Press

  • Start this course with the fundamentals. This section covers everything you need to know about the machine itself. You will learn about the different features, essential tools, operation, upkeep, and maintenance of heat presses in general.

Section 2: Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

  • Learn about HTV - the easiest and most popular way to get started with making custom t-shirts. This section will show you how to press HTV on t-shirts and hats - which are by far the two most popular applications. You’ll also learn different methods of layering HTV for multi-color graphics and get valuable insight on which products work best for HTV-focused businesses. 

Section 3: Heat Transfer Paper

  • In this section you will learn about the different types of heat transfer paper, their compatible printers, and the pros and cons to using Heat Transfer Paper in your business. You’ll also learn how to choose the right paper for each job.

Section 4: Sublimation

  • Enter the wide world of sublimation in this section. We’ll show you what sublimation is and how it works, provide detailed tutorials on how to customize the most popular sublimation blanks, and share key info on how your business can make money with sublimation. 

Section 5: White Toner DTF

  • This section is going to cover the most stable and low-maintenance option for full-color, on-demand garment decoration. You’ll not only learn how to customize t-shirts, but we’ll also cover how to customize hard surfaces, and profitable products and models for your White Toner DTF business.

Section 6: Supacolor

  • Sometimes it makes more sense to outsource your print production, while keeping the decoration in-house. This section covers how to do so using revolutionary Supacolor custom transfer products. Not only will you learn how to apply Supacolor transfers, you’ll also learn how to choose the right transfer, and how to use Supacolor in your business. 

Section 7: Making Money With Your Heat Press

  • This section is where we show you how to take what you’ve learned throughout the course and apply it to your business. We also share valuable tips for startup heat press businesses like pricing, sales channels, order workflow, and more!

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Great product. Has increased my production rate 5x faster.

Todd Scovel
Hat press

Good so far

Heat Press

Excellent customer service and excellent heat press!!

Heat press and Sawgrass Printer

Purchasing was easy, arrived very well packed. Arrived just a few days after ordering. Called and spoke with Mike who was super helpful in getting my minor issued solved and sent me some videos on how to set up the Printer. Extremely satisfied with Heat Press Nation. Excellent experience.

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