Neenah Coldenhove Jetcol DHS Sublimation Paper - 4" x 9.5"

SKU: NE-JETCOL-495-100

Size: 100-Sheet Pack
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Neenah Paper

For over 25 years, JETCOL® has revolutionized the sublimation printing industry. With the introduction of JETCOL® DHS, the hard substrates market is headed for a revolution in paper performance.

For the hard substrates market, this new sublimation paper provides many more benefits. JETCOL® DHS is equipped with a coating that keeps the ink on the surface of the paper, which leads to a reduction of transfer time.

JETCOL® DHS make it easier than ever before to image professional digital photography on hard surfaces with impressive photo quality.

In order to get the best results out of the paper, Neenah Coldenhove will support ICC profiling for the best results.

Furthermore, the back of the paper is printed with a grid pattern, making it easier to determine which side of the paper needs to be placed on the substrate for proper transfer and for alignment of the image.

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Neenah Coldenhove Jetcol DHS Sublimation Paper Care & Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cindy Neal
Vivid colors

I switched to this paper after getting a sample. It is the best! The colors are so much stronger on my blanks!!

julie h

I wish i had found this sooner,...
Its crazy how different the results are with using this paper. I wasn't done using my previous paper yet but decided to open this to try it. The colors are vibrate, the print is crisp and clear. I'm not even going to go back and use my previous paper, this is all I'm using from now on

Linda RobertsI

Neenah Coldenhove Jetcol DHS Sublimation Paper - 4" x 9.5"

Better Sunlimation Paper For Black Ink

Ok, so I bought this paper in hopes of getting my blacks to really come out black because Textprint-R just wasn't doing it for me, it was really a hit or miss with that paper. I've tried this new paper a few times and they have come out black(!) so I was really pleased with that. Colors also come out alright, but I have noticed that sometimes some lines or some sort of texture come out on the designs. For example, I printed 4 designs with a pumpkin and two of those had lines going across the pumpkins and of course the lines came out on the mug too after sublimation, so that was kind of disappointing. Maybe those papers were scratched or had something that probably made the design come out like that, but overall this paper is not that bad.

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